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Q#1 During an incident, a company\\’s CIRT determines it is necessary to observe the continued network-based transactions between a callback domain and the malware running on an enterprise PC. Which of the following techniques would be BEST to enable this activity while reducing the risk of lateral spread and the risk that the adversary would notice any changes?

A. Physically move the PC to a separate Internet point of presence.
B. Create and apply microsegmentation rules.
C. Emulate the malware in a heavily monitored DMZ segment.
D. Apply network blacklisting rules for the adversary domain.

Correct Answer: B

Leveraging the information supplied below, complete the CSR for the server to set up TLS (HTTPS)
1. Hostname: ws01
2. Domain:
3. IPv4:
4. IPV4:
5. Root: home.aspx
6. DNS CNAME:homesite.
Drag the various data points to the correct locations within the CSR. Extension criteria belong in the let hand column
and values belong in the corresponding row in the right hand column.
Select and Place:
Q#3 A security analyst is performing a forensic investigation compromised account credentials. Using the Event Viewer, the analyst able to detect the following message, `\\’Special privileges assigned to new login.\\’\\’ Several of these messages did not have a valid logon associated with the user before these privileges were assigned. Which of the following attacks is MOST likely being detected?

A. Pass-the-hash
B. Buffer overflow
C. Cross-site scripting
D. Session replay

Correct Answer: A

Q#4 The spread of misinformation surrounding the outbreak of a novel virus on election day ted to eligible voters choosing not to take the risk of going to the polls This is an example of:

A. prepending.
B. an influence campaign
C. a watering-hole attack
D. intimidation
E. information elicitation

Correct Answer: C

Q#5 Which of the following control types would be BEST to use to identify violations and incidents?

A. Detective
B. Compensating
C. Deterrent
D. Corrective
E. Recovery
F. Preventive

Correct Answer: A

Q#6 A new plug-and-play storage device was installed on a PC in the corporate environment. Which of the following safeguards will BEST help to protect the PC from malicious files on the storage device?

A. Change the default settings on the PC
B. Define the PC firewall rules to limit access
C. Encrypt the disk on the storage device
D. Plug the storage device in to the UPS

Correct Answer: C

Q#7 A company recently set up an e-commerce portal to sell its product online. The company wants to start accepting credit cards for payment, which requires compliance with a security standard. Which of the following standards must the company comply with before accepting credit cards on its e-commerce platform?

B. ISO 22301
C. ISO 27001

Correct Answer: A

Q#8 A security engineer at an offline government facility is concerned about the validity of an SSL certificate. The engineer wants to perform the fastest check with the least delay to determine if the certificate has been revoked. Which of the following would BEST these requirement?


Correct Answer: C

A CRL can still be preferred over the use of OCSP if a server has issued many certificates to be validated within a single revocation period. It may be more efficient for the organization to download a CRL at the beginning of the revocation period than to utilize the OCSP standard, necessitating an OCSP response every time a certificate requires validation.

Q#9 A forensics examiner is attempting to dump password cached in the physical memory of a live system but keeps receiving an error message. Which of the following BEST describes the cause of the error?

A. The examiner does not have administrative privileges to the system
B. The system must be taken offline before a snapshot can be created
C. Checksum mismatches are invalidating the disk image
D. The swap file needs to be unlocked before it can be accessed

Correct Answer: D

Q#10 A small business office is setting up a wireless infrastructure with primary requirements centered around protecting customer information and preventing unauthorized access to the business network. Which of the following would BEST support the office\\’s business needs? (Select TWO)

A. Installing WAPs with strategic placement
B. Configuring access using WPA3
C. Installing a WIDS
D. Enabling MAC filtering
E. Changing the WiFi password every 30 days
F. Reducing WiFi transmit power throughout the office

Correct Answer: BD

Q#11 A network administrator has been alerted that web pages are experiencing long load times. After determining it is not a routing or DNS issue, the administrator logs in to the router, runs a command, and receives the following output:
Which of the following is the router experiencing?

A. DDoS attack
B. Memory leak
C. Buffer overflow
D. Resource exhaustion

Correct Answer: D

Q#12 A penetration tester successfully gained access to a company\\’s network The investigating analyst determines malicious traffic connected through the WAP despite filtering rules being in place. Logging in to the connected switch, the analyst sees the following m the ARP table:
Which of the following did Ihe penetration tester MOST likely use?

A. ARP poisoning
B. MAC cloning
C. Man in the middle
D. Evil twin

Correct Answer: C

Q#13 A root cause analysis reveals that a web application outage was caused by one of the company\’s developers uploading a newer version of the third-party libraries that were shared among several applications. Which of the following implementations would be BEST to prevent the issue from reoccurring?

C. Containerization
D. Automated failover

Correct Answer: C

Containerization is defined as a form of operating system virtualization, through which applications are run in isolated user spaces called containers, all using the same shared operating system (OS).

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