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Microsoft 070-413 Windows Server exam focuses on knowledge and expertise to pass Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure. The MCP, MCSE certification covers the Microsoft video topics. The Microsoft 070-413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure exam allows students to understand and realize the benefits of Microsoft certification area. Students who complete 070-413 Windows Server may get Microsoft Certified MCP, MCSE certification. We all know that in the fiercely competitive IT industry, having some IT authentication certificates is very necessary. Pass4itsure provide you with the entire 245 Q&A from the Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure study guide.

Microsoft Exam 70-413 Windows Server:
Published: April 7, 2014
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
Audiences: IT professionals
Technology: Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2
Credit toward certification: MCP, MCSE

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Pass4itsure experts collected 245 questions and answers for candidates’ preparation to complete the test. This could be the evaluation on the perfect combination and candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure course to validate professionals who have the expertise to plan, configure, and implement the Windows Server 2012 services, such as server deployment, server virtualization, and network access and infrastructure. With Pass4itsure you can pass the difficultMicrosoft 70-413 dumps exam effortlessly.  IT authentication certificate is a best proof for your IT professional knowledge and experience.

070-413 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 070-413 Dumps Exam Q&As(11-18)

After the planned upgrade to Windows Server 2012, you restore a user account from the Active Directory Recycle Bin. You need to replicate the restored user account as quickly as possible. Which cmdlets should you run?
A. Get-ADReplicationSite and Set-ADReplicationConnection
B. Get-ADReplicationAttributeMetadata and Compare-Object
C. Get-ADReplicationUpToDatenessVectorTable and Set-ADReplicationSite
D. Get ADDomainController and Sync-ADObject
070-413 exam Correct Answer: D
* Scenario:
All of the domain controllers are global catalog servers. The FSMO roles were not moved since the domains were deployed.
* The Get-ADDomainController cmdlet gets the domain controllers specified by the parameters. You can get domain controllers by setting the Identity, Filter or Discover parameters.
* The Sync-ADObject cmdlet replicates a single object between any two domain controllers that have partitions in common. The two domain controllers do not need to be direct replication partners. It can also be used to populate passwords in a read-only domain controller (RODC) cache.
Reference: Get-ADDomainController, Sync-ADObject

You implement a new virtualized print server that runs Windows Server 2012. You need to migrate the print queues. Which tool should you use?
A. Windows Server Migration Tools
B. Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)
C. Print Management
D. Computer Management
Correct Answer: C
* Scenario: Migrate the existing print queues to virtualized instances of Windows Server 2012.
* To manage the migration process, use one of the following:
The Printer Migration Wizard, which you access through Print Management, a snap-in in
Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
The Printbrm.exe command-line tool.
You can perform the migration locally or remotely, and from either a client computer or server.
As a best practice, run the Printer Migration Wizard or Printbrm.exe from a computer running Windows Server 2012
* Reference: Migrate Print and Document Services to Windows Server 2012

What method should you use to deploy servers?
070-413 dumps Correct Answer: A
WDS is a server role that enables you to remotely deploy Windows operating systems. You can use it to set up new computers by using a network-based installation. This means that you do not have to install each operating system directly from a CD, USB drive, or DVD.
Reference: What’s New in Windows Deployment Services in Windows Server

You need to recommend a trust model. What should you include in the recommendation?
A. A one-way, forest trust that has selective authentication.
B. A one-way, external trust
C. A two-way, external trust
D. A one-way, forest trust that has domain-wide authentication.
Correct Answer: A
From case study:
Users in the Montreal office must only be allowed to access shares that are located on File01 and File02. The Montreal users must be prevented from accessing any other servers in the proseware.com forest regardless of the permissions on the resources.

You need to recommend a deployment method for Proseware. What is the best approach to achieve the goal? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.
A. A WDS Deployment server and Multicast transmissions
B. A WDS Deployment server and Unicast transmissions
C. A WDS Transport server and Multicast transmissions
D. A WDS Transport server and Unicast transmissions
070-413 pdf Correct Answer: A
Consider implementing multicasting if your organization:
Has network routers that support multicasting. Is a large company that requires many concurrent client installations. Wants to use network bandwidth efficiently. This is because with this feature, images are sent over the network only once, and you can specify limitations (for example, to only use 10 percent of your bandwidth). Has enough disk space on client computers for the image to be downloaded.

You need to recommend a solution for the remote access servers. What should you include in the recommendation?
A. Network address translation (NAT)
B. Logging levels
C. Packet filtering
D. Packet tracing
Correct Answer: A
* Scenario: The remote access servers must be able to restrict outgoing traffic based on IP addresses.
* Network address translation (NAT) allows you to share a connection to the public Internet through a single interface with a single public IP address. The computers on the private network use private, non-routable addresses. NAT maps the private addresses to the public address.

You need to recommend a solution for the RODC. Which attribute should you include in the recommendation?
A. systemFlags
B. searchFlags
C. policy-Replication-Flags
D. flags
070-413 vce Correct Answer: B
* Scenario: Deploy a read-only domain controller (RODC) to the London office
* The read-only domain controller (RODC) filtered attribute set (FAS) is a set of attributes of the Active Directory schema that is not replicated to an RODC. If you have data that you do not want to be replicated to an RODC in case it is stolen, you can add these attributes to the RODC FAS. If you add the attributes to the RODC FAS before you deploy the first RODC, the attributes are never replicated to any RODC.
/ To decide which attributes to add to the RODC FAS, review any schema extensions that have been performed in your environment and determine whether they contain credential-like data or not. In other words, you can exclude from consideration any attributes that are part of the base schema, and review all other attributes. Base schema attributes have the systemFlags attribute value 16 (0x10) set.
Reference: Customize the RODC Filtered Attribute Set

You run the Get-DNSServer cmdlet on DC01 and receive the following output:
070-413 dumps
You need to recommend changes to DC01. Which attribute should you recommend modifying?
A. EnablePollutionProtection
B. isReadOnly
C. Locking Percent
D. ZoneType
Correct Answer: C
* Scenario: The DNS servers must be prevented from overwriting the existing DNS entries that have been stored in cache.
* Cache locking is configured as a percent value. For example, if the cache locking value is set to 50, then the DNS server will not overwrite a cached entry for half of the duration of the TTL. By default, the cache locking percent value is 100. This means that cached entries will not be overwritten for the entire duration of the TTL. The cache locking value is stored in the CacheLockingPercent registry key. If the registry key is not present, then the DNS server will use the default cache locking value of 100.
Reference: DNS Cache Locking
070-413 dumps

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